Monday, January 26, 2009

Lunapads Pantyliner

I had ordered a pantyliner from Lunapads last week and it arrived today! (It was scheduled to arrive tomorrow.)
The invoice had "Blessings" written on it in pink! That's a nice touch. I was also surprised as to how soft it was! I want to stop buying feminine hygiene products from the drugstore, only to throw them away. It does not seem very environmentally friendly, and to me it looks like I'm just throwing my money away. Lunapads are washable and reusable cloth pads and pantyliners. I ordered a pink one in the Cocoa Kaleidoscope pattern.

I only ordered one to try it out and to see if I liked it, and I think I will order more. In my package, I received a coupon for 5$ off my next purchase, and also 2 pamplets (to spread the word about cloth pads) and 2 stickers (one says "I heart my period" and the other says "ditch the disposables").
I would like to get more stickers to put everywhere I can think of (to spread the word), and I am hoping to convert some of my friends to environmentally friendly menstrual products!


Eco Yogini said...

hehe- YAY!! How are they btw? I was just looking at their site and know of a few friends that also may need pads during parts of their cycle even with a DivaCup...

They look super duper cool :)

Tal said...

I like them. They are really soft, you almost forget you're wearing them!

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